e-Forex interviews Mohammed Isbeer, Global Head of Brokerage Sales at equiti
Mohammed Isbeer
Larry Levy of e-Forex interviews Mohammed Isbeer, Global Head of Brokerage Sales at equiti about the changing state of brokerage, both retail and institutional in the Middle East down to a country specific. Mohammed highlights current market trends and how equiti is able to leverage this. A fascinating insight.

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e-Forex interviews Benedict Sears at the Institutional FX Desk at equiti
Benedict Sears

Larry Levy of e-Forex interviews Benedict Sears, Head of equiti's institutional FX trading desk in London. Ben discusses aspects of the rapid growth of equiti's institutional FX business, their CLOB (Central Limit Order Book) and client feeds, and how a modern client desk can facilitate liquidity provision and offer flexibility to different liquidity providers that leads to a better service. With a refreshing sense of the remaining need for voice-based dealing and thoughts on current developments in FX, click below to listen to Benedict Sear's unique insights.
equiti Group’s global footprint includes local offices in the Middle East, North America, Europe, Africa, CIS and Asia Pacific regions, and the firm provides trading support and services on the world’s leading trading platforms.

With its world-class leadership and substantial capital equiti has grown rapidly from humble beginnings ten years ago as Divisa to become a leading brand both in FX and other asset classes, catering to both institutional and retail clients. Not only is the speed of equiti's growth remarkable, but it is set apart by the breadth of its global reach and its ability to penetrate into markets in the Middle East and Africa, achieving significant local impact in countries such as Kenya and Jordan.

Find out more about equiti's institutional FX trading operation from Benedict Sears, Head of equiti's institutional FX trading desk.

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